Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Getting paid with Amazon giftcards

Ok getting paid with Amazon giftcards rather than cash might make you think its not worth the time and effort. However, there is another way of looking at this that will probably make you decide that it could be worth your time. I know people who have made $600 or more in a year and saved all of their gift cards for doing their Christmas shopping. Now that would save you a bundle at a time that a lot of people struggle. Besides all the traveling, baking, cooking and presents you still have your regular every day bills to pay. This is like having money saved up for all those presents. Or, if you have something you are saving up for this could get you there faster or you could use these giftcards just for that. Consider getting paid to buy products.
There are 3 sites that I know of`and I am going to list them starting with my first choice.
1.Swagbucks-HELLO lovin this site! In probably a month in a half I have earned $20 and I have enough to get another $20 worth. 450 swagbucks are worth one $5 gift card. Now to me this is pretty decent! They also have MANY other prizes, but to most this is probably the better prize. And, it is cheaper to get the $5 card rather than a $10 or $20 card. There are many different ways to earn swagbucks You can search and win, find a swag code (hidden throughout the day and sometimes more time consuming than they are worth), take the Daily Poll, after you have been a member for 7 days you can start trying to do surveys, click through the NOSO, watch swagTV, online shopping, completing offers, having the swagbucks toolbar and their most recent way is to print and redeem coupons. The search and win you can do multiple times a day and usually within a few searches I win. You don't actually have to go to any of the sites but if they find you searching an excessive amount they will block your searching and potentially "firing" you from their site. I usually do 3 and if I don't win I give it a break for a little bit and then try again. Also, anytime I have something I want to look up on the internet I wait if I have just recently won and try again later. That way I actually go into some of the sites too.
Search & Win
2.Irazoo, but I really haven't dug into it that might make it even better. This one takes 1,000 points to get a $5 Amazon gift card and to redeem for your first prize you have to have at least 2,000 points and after your first redemtion you only have to have 1,000 to get a prize. Now this one works slightly different than swagbucks as you do a search in their search engine and you have a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card or extra points. I use this to get to Yahoo, Google or any other site that I normally use so I have a chance to win extra points. The other thing you do is you click on some of the sites it pulls up from your search and you vote whether it was helpful or not. You can also comment on these sites to get points. You can earn up to 100 points everyday for voting and/or commenting. To me this is really easy. Now, I haven't spent to much time yet with this site yet so if anybody has other ways to earn points on this site we are all ears! I will spend some time looking into this site a little more. If you don't win any points it would take you 10 days to earn a $5 gift card. Yeah seems like a lot of time but I have won points a few times and it really doesn't take much time and its pretty simple.
3.Zoombucks-I have no idea how this site works and don't have many points for that purpose, but again I will try to do some more research on them as well.

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